Cruise ships easy pickup and drop off or round trip

Taking a cruise to a Caribbean destination or cruising around the Greek Islands is a dream vacation, and millions of people live that dream every year. More than 20 million people take a cruise every year, and 60 percent of those cruises originate in North America. Florida’s five cruise ports are gateways to the Gulf of Mexico cruises. Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale and Cape Canaveral are the starting points for pampered trips to destinations where the great food, lively entertainment, and the sun, sand, and sea reign supreme. A seven-day or two-week cruise is just what the doctor ordered, for people who battle traffic every day and work from dawn to dusk. The last thing most of these people want to do when they embark on one of these incredible vacations is a drive to the port. Most “cruisers,” as we like to call them, know Indian River Transportation is the best way to start a cruise vacation. The pampering begins at your door when you call us to pick you up, and then bring you back home after your sea and island adventure ends. Our professional chauffeurs know what you expect from a limo service when you have four bags ready to go and a look of hesitant excitement on your face. You want to start the trip in luxury and end it the same way. You need a Florida limo service that knows how to get you to the port on time without the typical traffic hassles that can ruin that look of excitement. Our 25 luxury vehicles look and feel comfortable. Each vehicle offers our clients a stress-free environment. Our 15 chauffeurs respect your privacy. But they are ready to answer questions and help make any trip to a port city a drama free experience.

Many of our cruise shop clients are first-time clients, so they don’t know what to expect when one of our well-maintained, shiny vehicles pull in a driveway or stop near a front door. But as soon as our clients step into the vehicle, they feel a sense of relief.

There’s nothing to do but sit back and take a moment to focus on the true meaning of being free from deadlines and long-winded meetings.

Free from the daily chores that can turn a good day into a rigorous mess. We have what it takes to break the stress and starts that “on vacation” attitude.

Once our first-time clients get into that zone, there’s no turning back. They call us every time they need a limo service. We become part of their routine when a special event is on the calendar, or a trip to the airport for an out-of-town convention is part of their agenda.

It’s true. We are the best limo service when you need an easy pickup and a timely drop off, or round-trip limo service to one of Florida’s port cities. But we are also a limo service that cares about getting you where you need to go day or night. We serve 17 airports, and we are not afraid to offer you what other limo services can’t offer. We offer you a free-flowing meditation-type experience that suits your discerning character and your unique lifestyle.

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